Who are they?

An interesting part of this filming process is spending hours, days, focusing on historic images such as those used in the trailers and "Listen", photos taken by Frederick Dally for instance. The lens carves out scenes from within his broader image. As time slips by recorded onto pixels we often begin to see the same people, over and over. We recognize them and we feel we know them. We see the man who has stopped work on the boardwalk to look at the photographer, or the two boys sitting on a "pre-fire'’ (1868) boardwalk, a woman with her hand resting on the shoulder of another, a mother with a child, a man smoking a long-stemmed pipe. Who are they?

We can look into their eyes. It can be unnerving as they look back from 150 years ago - from another time. I want to find them and ask them questions; "who are you? What makes you laugh? Or cry. What music do you like?"

Perhaps this project will answer some of those questions. Perhaps we will find some of them. Already new stories are emerging and as we stand on the land they stood on more will be revealed, as it was when we walked the lands of Pitfar in Scotland while researching James Anderson and his life unfolded from the stone dykes and boggy fields.

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