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The Nail: The John Adair story

Boone Helm (the trailer)

Boone Helm

Testimony (the trailer)


Avenger redux

Leap of Faith: The story of John Jones - Overlander

Overlanders: Tete Jaune

Rough Cut: Disaster Point

Rough Cut: Elijah Duff

Rough Cut: Timoleon Love

Rough Cut: Overlander Landscape

Rough Cut: Overlanders

Searching for Alfred


A Shooting in Tombstone

The Avenger

1869 - The Rush to White Pine


This video is about Barkerville in the Cariboo goldfields - how it is viewed today and how it was historically. It is a short example of the Bonepicker videos. The titles illustrate how a film can be sponsored or how contributors can be a presenters of a video or a series. It also recognizes the contributors we have to date.  Thanks so much.

San Pedro River

Nellie Cashman at Panaca Flats - teaser

Truck stuck in Elko Mountains

Tombstone Courthouse and John Adams

The Bonepicker trailer

The Avenger trailer

A "behind the scenes" video of filming at Gettysburg:

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