On the road again

Just for the record - shooting in Arizona or Nevada is better (watch for our next post talking about our trip last spring!)
We are in Terrace, B.C. in the pouring rain, waiting for brake repairs on our trailer.  Then, we hope the weather will clear so we can get to the Cassiar country to shoot a bit of feature and a lot of B roll video.
We are holed up for now, working on getting more of the videos we posted here uploaded to our Bonepicker website so have a look there in a day or two.
We are also answering emails and researching more of the story of Florence Wilson for our February shoot in London UK. Her backstory in London and Russia is starting to sort itself out and it reads like a Dickens tale - which it should as she knew Dickens well.
We are also working on proposals for the next two phases: Editing and Music this winter; and shooting several stories in and around London, UK. These may go to a Indiegogo campaign but more likely we will rely on our website for donations as the cost is lower.

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