Read coverage of the Bonepicker Project in the Prince George Citizen from March, 2017 online here or download the pdf of the story.

The Bonepicker Project was highlighted in the British film mag, Digital Filmmaker:




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  1. I’m a volunteer in the Cranbrook History Centre Archives. Just recently we accessioned a letter written by Richard where he was attempting to find out more about Timeleon Love. The very next day last week, by shear coincidence, another fellow from Blairemore asked about the very same Timoleon and as to where he is buried. I found Timoleon’s unmarked grave in our Catholic Cemetery and a copy of his obit from the newspaper of the day. I’m wondering if Richard ever found out any more of this historic character?
    Thanks for any help you are able to provide.
    Dave Humphrey
    Volunteer Cranbrook History Archives

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