Gold Rush Back Stories: Phase 3

We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the next phase in the Bonepicker series.

Currently in planing, these are the stories from the UK and Europe that we intend to develop through Phase 3:

Germany – The story of the Hurdy Gurdy girls of the gold rush from Neider-Wiesel to B.C..

London, UK – Florence Wilson – One of the founders of Barkerville’s Theatre Royal, Parlour Saloon and Literary Institute. Major new research reaching into Russia has uncovered a new story. Her story links the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, in London, with the Theatre Royal, Barkerville and the Bloomsbury group with Barkerville.

England – Billy Barker’s roots. A canal boat trip visiting the early life of Barkerville’s founder around Cambridgeshire.

Scotland – James Anderson – Barkerville’s leading labour poet who spent eight years in B.C. and then returned to his family's estate in Scotland.

As well as these four featured UK and Germany stories we will shoot B-roll for other UK stories.

To support Phase 3 production, go to:

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