A bonepicking teaser

Did you watch the HBO Series Deadwood? If you are like many Barkervillians you did, and likely got caught up in the debate over how similar to Barkerville was Deadwood.

Remember E.B. Farnum, that wonderful character, the oily hotelier with damp palms who spoke like a Shakespeare character? Remember when he ran for mayor?

Well, in Cariboo we had a guy named Doc. Keithley. Over near Quesnel Forks he and (guess who?) I.P. Diller made a great strike on Keithley Creek. This strike gave Diller the money to capitalize his claims on Williams Creek.

Keithley kept wandering. He ended up in Deadwood where he was known as "Judge" Keithley. And, he ran for mayor, against E.B. Farnum. Keithely lost - Farnum won.Oh - at the same time Capt. Jack Crawford was in town - and Hickok was killed. It illustrates how gold rush characters were interlinked.

This is just one of the stories that will be filmed and presented in The Bonepicker project.

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