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Contributions can be made by clicking on the contribute button below. If internet payments are not your thing use via e-commerce transfers to <rtwright(at)>, or, finally,  by sending cheques to: Richard Wright, Box 144, Wells, B.C. V0K 2R0.

All contributors will be given credit in the final videos. (Or you can remain anonymous.)



The Perks for contributors

  • $10 - Contributor - You receive our thanks and will be listed as a supporter on our website.
  • $25 –Supporter - You will receive our thanks via email and be listed as a supporter on FaceBook and our website.
  • $50 - Rough But Honest Miner - 
Receive one of Richard's CD’s, “Rough But Honest Miner” – reclaimed music of the goldrush.
  • $75 – The Barkervillian - 
Receive a signed copy of Richard's latest book: "Barkerville and the Cariboo Goldfields."
  • $100 - The Overlander 
- Gets you the Barkerville book and a copy of Richard's "Overlanders", the story of the 1858-1862 journeys across Canada to the gold fields.
  • $250 – $499 - The Gala contributor - 
Receive both of the above books and a ticket to the Theatre Royal Gala opening in June 2015.
  • $500 – $999 - Honored guest - 
A Season's Pass to Barkerville's Theatre Royal in 2015 and all of the above.
  • $1000 - $4999 - Producer or Sponsor -
For every $1000 you are named as sponsor or Executive Producer on one full episode.
  • $5000 - Presenter – For $5000 you, your company or organization receives top credit at the top of a series of videos. For instance: Presented by: “The XYZ Organization”.